Guide to Buying Authentic Designer Handbags

eBay requires only authentic goods be sold by Sellers. The truth is that there are many people who will sell counterfit or fake / replicaitems and will go to great lengths to trick you into thinking that they are authentic. This guide will help you determine the difference between an authentic or replica handbag.

1.) Check the location of the handbag seller, which is posted in the auction. Sellers from Asia are most likely selling fake / replica bags. This is not always the casebut a very high amount are. Property laws especialy in China, Korea and Singapore are very unspecific in the area of intellectual property. To find out where a company is based, go to and enter the domain name.

2.) Look at the picture and check the wrapping of the bag. Telltale signs of a fake / replica are plastic over handles, paper around buckles and square tags of material hanging from a strap, paper around buckles. Boutiques remove all wrapping from the bags before they ever hit the sales floor. If the seller says they purchased the bag from the internet, ask them which website.The few websites that do sell authentic bags from high end designers like eLuxury, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macy's, etc will sell authentic bags. These websites that do sell authentic bags do have wrapping on their items, tissue paper covers the handles and blue plastic covers the buckles. Only on fake / replicas will you see the squares of leather that hang from straps. See photo 1 and 2 for examples of replica handbags.

3.) Do research on what the bag should look like. Go to a store that sells the handbag that your look for. Take notes on exact colors, the seams, where the stamps in the leather are and what they look like and markings on metal parts. You can also go to a manufacturers website..Authentic handbags should always have care cards, dustbag and and possibly the origanl sales reciept. All of these can be counterfitted as well, Do your home work and do not relyon any sole verification source. See the exampl in picture 3.

4.) A seller that has a large number of the same brand and style is a telltail sign of someone selling replicas. Example, A seller who has 30 of the same item is very suspicious. On the other hand, a sell with 30 different brand or styles looks more safer. Watch out for wholesalers, their products are 99% of the timereplicas.

5.) Never rush into a sale, take your time

In summary this all adds up to doing your home work on the bag you want to buy. You can get a great bargain on a designer handbag using on line auction sites like eBay. Never pay full retail get a deal on line at Bargain Discount Handbags but smart about it..


1.) Plastic on the handles 2.) Plastic coverd handles and tissue on the buckle. 3.) Orignal tags, cards, recieptand dustbag 4.) Reserch and know the real one

5.) Stiching can help tell which is authentic 6.) Know what it should look like

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